Monday, 30 April 2012


I am adoring anything pastel and this minty revlon nail polish is no exception <3 <3 <3

Love, Miss N

Monday, 23 April 2012

Great Wall of China Gazing

Hey dolls,

I am currently on the verge of death! Well maybe not death but my body is in serious pain, as i just finished a work out of Insanity! I am still in the process of moving and getting settled into my new apartment (which sucks because I have so many great things planned for this blog once I'm settled in! but not long now!)  but I thought I'd post some gorgeous pictures from a recent visit I made to the Great Wall of China! I love it when fashion/beauty blogs incorporate there travels and so here they are <3 <3

Enjoy :)

Love Miss N

Boots - Zu

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hi my fashionistas,

I am currently lusting over these Dolce & Gabbana pastel nail varnishes! The colour mixtures and the packaging (especially the slender shape of the bottle) are just to die for and are perfectly on trend at the moment. My favourites are the minty green and the marshmallow lemon colours - usually i would go for more pinky and purple colours but these babies are just too gorgeous to play it safe! They remind me of spring, easter and delicious icing on mini cupcakes!

They retail for $20 each.

Much love Miss N

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Hello my wonderful readers <3

Its that time again and this week my jewellery post is all about STARS, CASTLES, DIAMONDS, CHAINS and SPIKES! I was rocking silver jewellery today and as always in my world more is fabulously more!  I have been finding myself increasingly wearing gold accessories predominantly but today i decided its time to change it up! What do you guys prefer, silver or gold??

Star Ring - Spike rings - ASOS/ Castle Ring - Mouche/ Beaded Silver bracelets - old/ Chain bracelet - Dangerfield

Make sure to check out Edition 1 of jewellery of the week on the next page - featuring gold, spikes and crosses!!!

Love, Miss N


Hello gorgeous people,

As I logged onto my blog today and had a look at my stats, I was so surprised and excited to see that I have readers from all over the world. The audience breakdown showed readers from Russia, Germany, Netherlands, the UK, the US, Canada and of course Australia. Thank you for all the support & I hope you are all enjoying my posts thus far. I would love to hear what you guys would like to see more of in my blog!

So I'll leave you with another favourite quote of mine:

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."

Mark Twain

Much love

Miss N

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Hi dolls,

I am currently lusting over the Hermès multiple chain cuff bracelet <3 <3 It is just too amazing for words to describe. 

Love, Miss N

Quote of the Day

An amazing quote that I repeat to myself daily especially when I'm feeling down. I hope that it might be able to change your perspective too - you and only you have the power to create your happiness.

"One thing I have learnt about happiness: It's MADE, not found. If you want to be happy, you must create it yourself."

Love, Miss N


Hello Beautiful People,

I recently purchased a new addition to my perfume collection and I am absolutely in love with it. 
The fragrance is Body by Burberry. The bottle, the smell - this fragrance is just absolutely delicious. It retails for around $175. I would say that it is more of a feminine sensual sophisticated smell great for an evening out. Its ingredients include – green absinthe, freesia, and illuminating peach which form the top notes; natural rose, iris, and sandalwood at the heart; woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, sensual amber, and musk which compose the base.

I adore the advertisement linked below, its simplicity goes beautifully with the branding and packaging of the product which i think is simple elegance which is amplified by the jewel like shape of the bottle. This gorgeous scent just screams luxury!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of my favourite models and I think she was the perfect choice to be the face of the fragrance. 

Let me know if you guys have tried the fragrance out and your thoughts! 

Love, Miss N

Monday, 16 April 2012


hey dolls,

Currently, I'm in the process of moving out and have a ton of assessments which i need to get through in the next couple weeks. But, I wanted to post something at the very least. Since, my blog is only still young I decided it might be a nice idea to post some pics of previous outfits which I've worn in the evening!

Let me know which one is your fav?? xxxxxx

Love, Miss N

Belt - Peep toe / Bangles - Bebe Rodeo Drive/ Shoes - Freelance Shoes/Necklace - Peeptoe

Dress- Aqua Couture/ Ring - Mouche/

Dress- Sherri Hill/ Shoes - Zu/ Clutch - Peeptoe

Dress - Brian Lichtenberg/ Bangle - Peeptoe/ 

Skirt - BCBG/Shoes- Zu/Bangle - Street Stall LA/ Top - Forever21 Hollywood Boulevard/ Ring - Mouche

Top - Vintage/ Skirt - Online store/ Bracelet - Mouche/ 

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Hey Dolls,

So i am a HUGE fan of online shopping! It is one of my favourite time passes lol! In fact i would say a very good portion of my purchases in recent times are online! What i love about it is that there are no time limits, no rush and no closing times. You can shop at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home (for me my bed) at any time of the day or night you wish! And the icing is that every time a package arrives i feel like a little kid on christmas, its almost like sending yourself a gift!

So today a little package arrived from ASOS - one of the sites i frequent far too often. Asos is great as it has a huge selection of styles and brands and it offers free shipping! So ill stop babbling and let you guys get to the good stuff! xxxxx

Disclaimer: The picture quality may not be the greatest since they were taken with my iPhone.

 How the package arrives.

This is what you see when you open it, they provide a receipt as well as return info. 

The lipstick came individually packaged in this cute ASOS box. 

I got this gorgeous rich pink colour in a Barry M Lipstick. 


Next, is a pastel blue watch from Lipsy, i had to pick this up as it was on sale and it definitely fits in with the pastel trend which is in style at the moment. 

The colour of the watch is more like the professional photos rather than the photos i have taken myself. 

Next, I picked up some black and white stripped stretch fit high waisted jeans from Motel. <3 <3 This statement piece!!

Here are some shots of how it fits:

Last but not least, i grabbed this gorgeous Gold Bag. I love this piece as it can be worn a variety of ways. It can be used under the arm as a clutch, it can be hand held like a brief case or it can be worn over the shoulder. 

<3 <3 

Whats your favourite?? Mine is the gold bag!!

Love, N xxxxxxx